Welcome to THE CORE. These two beers are precisely at the center of what we do, the gravity that keeps all the planets and moons of beer we make in orbit, moving at their own pace and course around a common anchor in space, time, community, and mindset. Hops and lager, invisibly pulling on each other across blank space, cosmic dancing hand in hand.

In time, you change, your tastebuds evolve, the world around you shifts, but these beers that are here now--we hope and expect--will be here much the same in the future, burning just as bright. They're a constant, a steady hand, an anchor in a world where beer--and everything--shifts so fast. The rotational inertia and appetite for new need a counterpoint; this is our hold steady. These beers present themselves as genial, satisfying, and crushable now as we think they ever and always will. So here's to the beginning. It's our sincere hope that Squish and Tracks enjoy long, deep runs that bridge and tunnel across these three rivers and our very lives. Let's meet back here in THE CORE from time to time to see how far we've come and how it feels to get pulled back in.

Squish - Pale Ale - 5.2%

Our beloved, hyper-crushable house pale ale designed to be just as satisfying three squeezes deep as the first sip. Brewed with Vienna and oat malt for a soft, fluffy base on top of which we load in two huge dry-hop charges of Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Crystal. Fermented with our house kveik and finishing fairly dry. Notes of candied orange, dried mango, squeezed lemon, and ripe pineapple.

Tracks Again - Unfiltered Pilsner - 5.2%

Our reverential take on a classic German pils, brewed with beautiful German pilsner and specialty malt, hopped with Spalter Select and Saaz, and fermented cool with our favorite German lager yeast. Crisp and refreshing with a dry, hop-forward finish. Notes of honey, hay, water crackers, lemon oil, and geranium.