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Located in Lower Lawrenceville, Cinderlands Beer Company is a craft brewery and kitchen.

In a self-made city like Pittsburgh, rebirth happens through every citizen's decision to start something new, and pursue progress right here at home.

At Cinderlands, we make beer and food that reflects the diversity of our community - both contemporary and familiar, high quality and inventive, serious and fun.  We capture the evolving spirit of the IPA even as we hearken back to the lagers and ales that took the world by storm.  And we invite you in to share in the warmth of that fervor.

We're thrilled to be part of a generation of small breweries and independent restaurants with their finger on the pulse of what makes Pittsburgh one of the grittiest, hardest-working, and yet still-shining cities in our country.  With our small contribution through the making of beer and food, we believe our cinder-dusted town's brightest days, and best beers, still lie ahead.



(412) 251-0656



3705 Butler Street
First Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15201



T-Th 4p–10p
F 4p-Midnight
Sa 11:30a–Midnight

Su 10a - 9pm (Bar)
10a-3p (Brunch)
5p-9p (Dinner)

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Instagram, Twitter & FB: @cinderlandsbeer