We are happy to fill your 64oz growlers, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Keep reading to understand our simple growler fill policies. Thanks!

  • First and foremost, for a superior to-go beer experience we strongly recommend our beautiful Crowlers (32oz aluminum cans, filled on-demand). Because they are sanitized and sealed, these cans will preserve your to-go beer longer than a standard growler. They are super clean due to a one-time usage (don't worry - they're recyclable), and maintain the freshest, purest quality of our beer possible in a to-go format. Plus, they look awesome.

  • We cannot fill 750ml (or 32oz) growlers. We do not currently have the equipment to do so and currently have no plans to purchase it. For 32oz to-go, get a Crowler!

  • We will fill your 64oz growlers. We don’t currently have our own glass, but are happy to fill yours, provided that it is clean and free of any off-odors. IMPORTANT: we reserve the right to deny fills if you bring us a gross mess of growlers. What does this mean? If there’s any residue or foul aromas in your growlers, we won’t clean them and we won’t fill them. We’re telling you all of this up front so there aren’t any hurt feelings later :)

  • Out of of necessity (our brewery is small), at 3705 we will be limiting growler fills to 128oz per person, per day so (2) 64oz.

  • Pricing: Our Crowlers are either $10 or $12, depending on the beer. For a 64oz, growler, its either $18 or $22.