A letter from the brewer...


We are a brewpub first and foremost, so it matters that we have a solid selection for you to drink at our pub, alongside our food. We love the whole range of beers we make: hop-driven ales, saisons, pale easy-drinkers, fruited sours, stouts of all kinds, tea and coffee beers, and our signature Tartshake IPAs. While we try to keep something from each category on tap all the time, lately you've been drinking them faster than we can make them. The outsize demand means that we're pouring our beer as fast as we can make it, and the variety available at any given time has been tighter than we'd like, sometimes slipping down to just three beers on tap. We've suspended canning, halted distributing beer to our friends at a handful of bars and restaurants in town, and pushed our production schedule as much as possible to try to keep as many beers on draft as possible. We're still going to be short for awhile, and we're sorry for how that affects your experience with us. 

There are good things coming on the other end. We have a pilsner that we're very close to having fully dialed in that we plan to offer year-round on draft and in cans. That beer takes time in tank and it's important for us to do it right, over and over again until it's perfect. We have our first brett saisons in process and will have those available, conditioned in package when they're ready. Those are also beers that matter to us and take time. Despite the pressure to accelerate production, we've held a hard line with beer quality across our whole range. All of our beer moves forward in process based on controls designed around the very best beer quality. We will not sacrifice the flavor, aroma, mouthfeel, or appearance of our beer for the sake of having more of a subpar product faster. Our IPAs get enough time cold to drop hop solids and eliminate polyphenolic astringency. Our fruited beers ferment out completely and we drop the fruit solids with time and temperature. Our fermentations continue at adequate temperature and time to eliminate diacetyl and acetaldehyde. Our lagers condition long enough to drink clean and showcase the finest malt and hops we can access. None of this is worth sacrificing to produce beer more quickly, even at the expense of limited variety. We would rather have three stellar beers for you to choose from than six rushed, flawed beers, or a menu of only IPA, which we can produce faster than just about anything else. 

We ask for and appreciate your patience and understanding with our high standards for ourselves and the impact of the attendant considerations on the variety you see when you come in. Soon, the Cinderlands Warehouse location will be able to produce enough beer to keep us in ample supply at both locations, and our fermentation program on Butler Street will evolve to offer more nuanced, complex, and harmonious beers than we can currently make with our current cellar configuration. We're firing the new brewhouse for the first time this week and you'll see the impact on variety on Butler Street in about three weeks. It has always been and will continue to be our top priority to offer a range of beers with stylistic and sensory diversity for you to enjoy at our locations. We look forward to being able to better accomplish that soon.


Paul Schneider

(Cinderlands Head Brewer)