Hey, friends - Jamie here. Some of you have read and some have asked about our planned expansion into the old Spaghetti Warehouse space at 2601 Smallman Street. Let me first say, we’re extremely excited about this development and all of the opportunities it will present in the future! It will be awesome to make much more of the beautiful beer and food that you have come to expect from us, and it's an opportunity we are absolutely ready to embrace. While I don't want to spoil all of the surprises, I will tell you that our brewhouse and kitchen will be considerably larger, the space will include a barrel room, and the surroundings will be grand, but warm and approachable.

With this expansion well under way, you’re probably wondering what will become of our beloved shop at 3705. First of all - fear not, because our Lawrenceville location is staying right where it is.  Once the Warehouse opens, 3705 gives us a very unique opportunity to try out new ideas and concepts for both beer and food in a space that we are familiar with. Our current location will become an incubator of sorts (more so) for interesting ideas, while still holding true to our commitment to provide an inclusive environment where you can come with friends and family to enjoy some good beer and food. We plan on taking everything that we have learned from 3705 and scaling it up to reach a larger audience at the Warehouse.

I'm not going to lie: the plans we have for the space are ambitious.  Nevertheless, our number one goal is to create an environment for you that is both contemporary and familiar, high quality and inventive, serious and fun, and nods to our past while embracing our future. In the coming months, please stay tuned to our blog and various social media outlets (our go-to is Instagram) for updates. Our team is very excited to share this new space with you, our neighbors, and we promise to keep you all posted on any developments with our new location - check back next week for our first progress journal!