Get your growlers and bring 'em on down!


Recently, quite a few of you have been asking us about beer to-go (growlers, crowlers, etc.), and we get it - we love fresh draft beer too! So, where is it? Well, neighbors, know that our #1 priority is making sure that we have a solid variety of beers to offer our taproom and restaurant guests. While we would like to get as much of our beer to as many people as possible, the size of our current system (just a 3BBL system packed into a small space) is quite limiting.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to begin gradually rolling out growler sales on a trial basis. Our team has been discussing how to best serve the to-go demand while also staying faithful to our brewpub crowd. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

  • To start, we will fill your growlers. We don’t currently have our own glass, but are happy to fill yours, provided that it is clean and free of any off-odors. IMPORTANT: we reserve the right to deny fills if you bring us a gross mess of growlers. What does this mean? If there’s any residue or foul aromas in your growlers, we won’t clean them and we won’t fill them. We’re telling you all of this up front so there aren’t any hurt feelings later :)

  • Out of of necessity, we will be limiting fills to 128oz per person, per day (so (2) 2L or (4) 750ml), and honoring fills only on certain days of the week (most likely Tuesdays, to coincide with our new beer releases)

  • In the coming months, our plan is to bring in a crowler (32oz cans) machine to satisfy our to-go crowd and ensure the freshness of our beer. We’ll likely revise our to-go policies at that time.

  • Pricing: For a 64oz, if it's served in a tulip glass it's $24 per growler, if it's served in a becher glass it's $20 per growler - and if you are filling a 32oz growler (or 750 ml) it's half of those prices. Simple, right?

With all that said, we are excited to open up for growler fills starting THIS SUNDAY (Christmas Eve) and NEXT SUNDAY (New Years Eve)! We’re excited to share our beers with you all for the holidays, and can’t wait to see you down at the brewpub for fills.

Thank you for being patient with us as we figure out our supply and demand here at Cinderlands. You have all been so awesome, and we can’t wait to show you all of the great things that we have planned!