Cinderlands Opening Line Up

We have been working hard to fill our tanks and get beer in your hands. That time has come and we're thrilled to share our opening beer lineup with you. Come see us this week for a taste--we're excited to meet you. You can look forward to a new beer release or two almost every week.


Test Piece - NE IPA - 6.2% ABV

Made with flaked wheat, flaked oats, and lactose, we lay off the bitterness, amplify the mouthfeel, and jam the whirlpool and fermenter with a total of over two pounds per barrel of Eureka and Citra for a huge aromatic experience of overripe mango, grapefruit flesh, pressed black currant, and a sticky undertone of pine sap.  Round mouthfeel and medium body with a ripe fruit-tinged finish.


Passionfruit Whipper - Passionfruit Berliner Weisse - 4.8% ABV

Tart, punchy, and tropical. We start with 50% malted wheat, acidify the wort in the kettle with a direct pitch of Lactobacillus delbrueckii to 3.5 pH, then briefly boil the wort and send it to the fermenter for primary fermentation with a neutral ale strain. At the end of primary fermentation, we add passion fruit puree at a rate of a half-pound of fruit per gallon of beer, which contributes its own sugars and induces a secondary fermentation. When that process is complete, we gently dry hop with Waimea hops from New Zealand. The result is a beer that’s full of the essence of tropical fruit with moderate tartness, delicately grainy malt flavor, and a dry, fruity finish.


Cobra Toes - Kölsch - 4.6% ABV

A reverential take on a classic style made for easy drinking. Floor-malted German pilsner malt and a modest portion of wheat malt provide grainy, crackery flavors with mild sweetness. A cool-fermenting ale yeast strain produces subtle fruity fermentation aromas and leads to a medium-dry finish. German Tettnanger hops offer up fresh-bloomed floral aroma with a delicate minty spice. Understated, elegant, and smooth.


Blazing Crude - Coffee Milk Stout - 7.5% ABV

It’s not often that a beer this dark and full-bodied burns so bright. The method here is blending the exceptionally bright Tikur Anbessa - Ethiopia from Intelligentsia Coffee with notes of tangerine and pomegranate into the finished stout at a ratio of twelve parts beer to one part concentrated cold-brewed coffee. Nearly all of the espresso, chocolate, and roast character comes from grains--the coffee is actually decidedly upbeat. Then there are the two additions of sweet orange peel: one in the whirlpool and another via a hot steeped orange peel tea added to the brite tank. Premium British malts build a solid foundation, milk sugar provides a velvety mouthfeel, and Falconer’s Flight hops support the orange flavors from the peel and coffee.