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TRIPLE CAN RELEASE: 2 Collab TartShakes and Dry Country Pilsner

  • Cinderlands Warehouse 2601 Smallman Street Pittsburgh, PA, 15222 United States (map)

The party starts at Cinderlands Warehouse with the release of two cocktail-inspired Tartshake collaborations and a super punchy dry-hopped pilsner. We team up with Biergarten at Hotel Monaco, where they've been firing the rooftop ham-horn for every Squish order this summer, to drop a goopy tiki treat in your lap, then go cerebral with our friends at 4 Hands Brewing Co. to deliver a goopified prohibition-era classic. Suuuuper-limited tiki glasses available, one per customer, first-come, first-served. Biergarten gets full rights to the tunes at the release and we're promised a mega spicy Drake-meets-yacht-rock assemblage. The party continues at the rooftop Biergarten from 7 PM on and we're not saying there will be a hot tub, but I wouldn't NOT come in your swimsuit.

Tiki Trooper - Tartshake IPA
Collaboration with Biergarten at Hotel Monaco

A super fruity, goopy to all-ends-of-the-earth riff on our collaboration partner's famous clarified Mai Tai, the "Mai Tai-ger Woods is Back." Legend has it that Guy Fieri called this "the best Mai Tai he's ever had." From the South Seas to Flavortown to the Steel City, we built the profile with brewing-friendly forms of the ingredients Biergarten (and The Commoner) lead bartender Alex Dando uses in our rooftop beverage-of-choice. It's an eruption of citrus and tropical fruit flavor layered on the grounding sweetness and depth of almonds, coconuts, blackstrap molasses, milk sugar, and vanilla beans.

Coconut, Pineapple, Tangerine, Lime, Almond Milk, Blackstrap Molasses, Milk Sugar, Madagascar Vanilla Bean / Vic Secret, Sabro / Two-Row, Oat Malt, Vienna, Wheat Malt, Raw Wheat / Lactobacillus, House Kveik

The Last Word - Tartshake IPA
Collaboration with 4 Hands Brewing Co.

A high-intensity Tartshake inspired by one of our favorite cocktails, The Last Word. It's a simple build with equal proportions of just four ingredients: gin, green chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, and lime juice. To replicate that sensory experience in a beer, however, we need to approximate the flavor of green chartreuse, which has over 130 herbs and botanicals, and dry gin, which, depending on your gin of choice, can be quite a complex mix of juniper, citrus, and other botanicals. Then there's the task of getting it all to hang in balance while staying true to the tart milkshake IPA base that Tartshakes have come to be known for. As much as we love the cocktail, we may just like its Tartshake interpretation more! It was a blast working with 4 Hands Brewing Co. to pull together the recipe on this one and we can't wait for you to dig in.

Lime, Sweet Cherry, Spruce Tips, Juniper, Herbs and Spices, Milk Sugar, Madagascar Vanilla Bean / Motueka / Two-Row, Oat Malt, Vienna, Wheat Malt, Raw Wheat / Motueka / Lactobacillus, House Kveik

Dry Country - Dry-Hopped Pilsner

We spend a lot of time in the brewhouse this time of year anticipating hop harvest and what the new crop year means for the kinds of beer we make. We plan for what we can, contract what we believe we'll need, get excited for the new varieties coming our way, and hope mother nature cooperates. Then, out of the clear blue sky, sometimes something super heady we never expected just falls in our laps. That's what happened with the T45 pellets of lemon-leaning German-grown Amarillo that we feature in this beer. We didn't know these foreign-grown, double-concentrated pellets existed before they were offered to us, and we're thrilled they were. Big, bright fresh lemon zest rides over the top of the aroma and tangy, pithy pulp asserts itself on the palate. The rest of the beer design and experience is classic German-style pilsner: austere, bready, and crisp AF. We dig, and we really think you will too. A super hoppy little crispy to finish summer out right.

T45 German Amarillo / Pilsner, Munich / Bayern Lager